International Permaculture Day, May 1st 2016

International Permaculture Day, May 1st 2016

International Permaculture Day on the first Sunday in May is a day of celebration and action for permaculture around the world. It is a day when visitors can see these myriad initiatives, ask questions of their developers and decide for themselves whether the permaculture design system has relevance to the challenges we face and to creating communities that are resilient in the face of undesirable and unforeseeable impacts.

Now in its 7th year, International Permaculture Day has grown rapidly from its roots as a local Australian initiative to a global day of permaculture celebrated in over 35 countries.

Why not experience permaculture on the ground with practitioners? It is a chance to visit homes, gardens and farms, or go along to film screenings, workshops, permablitzes (garden makeovers) and much more.

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Permiculture -Better Homes and Garden

Jason Hodges and Megan Cooke inside the Rammed Earth Home at Garden to Table Permaculture

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Visit a permaculture property as seen on Better Homes and Gardens

*The proceeds from this event will be donated to our Permaculture Project in Malawi, Africa

Garden to Table Permaculture will ‘open their doors’ to the public on Sunday May 1st to celebrate International Permaculture Day. Click here to watch a video here where we recently featured on Better Homes and GardensWe’ll showcase a permaculture demonstration site, including the outside of the rammed earth home and permaculture gardens, at Pacific Palms, just 3 hrs drive north of Sydney.

The property features a seven year old food forest planted on swales, dripping with delicious sub tropical fruits including bananas, guava, feijoa, fig, mango, citrus and stawberries. A chook tractoring system, no dig gardens and a chop and drop mulching system have improved the soil on this rocky ridge where there is now a productive ecosystem. Happy chickens freerange in a fox proof chook house reusing an old caravan. Starting with zone 0 the solar passive home has been developed over the last 10 years with design features of rammed earth, light earth and mud brick,  including an on site grey water treatment system, solar panels and even home grown bench tops!

For bookings and more info visit or call Megan on 0413 769 530.

We hope to see you on Sunday!

Happy Gardening,

Megan Cooke

Permaculture Teacher

Garden to Table Permaculture