What is a Permaculture Design Course?

What is a Permaculture Design Course?
Hi everyone,
we’re excited to be hosting our second Permaculture Design Course in Pacific Palms, we’re located just 3 hours north of Sydney. 
What’s that I hear you say!
It’s a course that I did twice and it changed my outlook on life. I discovered in a rapidly changing world that if you change the way you think you can design ways into your life to make a positive impact on our earth.
The Permaculture Design Certificate (72 hours) provides an introduction to permaculture design as created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.  Upon completion of the full curriculum students will earn the internationally recognised Permacutlure Design Certificate.
This will help improve your knowledge on sustainable living, designing resilient systems in the community, business and at home.
Be inspired with 2 weeks of learning, connecting, sharing and discovering solutions to everyday problems we face to make positive change.
You don’t need a garden to practice permaculture…
It’s about:
*Supporting local economies, buying local food or growing your own
*Rethinking the way you live – for a more sustainable future
*Working with your local community to create abundance
*Thinking Globally by acting Locally
You will learn about:
*Earth care, People Care & Fair Share
*Ethics & Principles in Permaculture & how to apply these to your daily life
*Reading the landscape

The Curriculum

Origins of Permaculture, why is there a need, Ethics & Principles of Permaculture

Basics of Ecology, Energy laws, law of return

Climate and microclimate

Designing for Different Climatic Zones

Garden Management

Small-Farm Strategies

Large-Farm Possibilities

Soils – erosion control, fertilisation, nutrient cycling

Plants and Trees

Eco-Building & Alternative Energy

Planning the Homestead

Guilds and Polycultures

Forests, Windbreaks, Trees

Plants, food forests

Water & Earthworks

Keyline Water Harvesting

Freshwater Aquaculture

Zone & Sector Analysis in Permaculture

Planning for Disaster

Reading the landscape – Patterns in Nature, Patterns in Design


Working with People

Starting a Permaculture Business

Building stronger communities

The Global Permaculture Movement

Just a word of warning…once you complete the Permaculture Design Course you will look at the world through a different set of eyes and there’s no turning back!

I have been practicing permaculture for the last 12 years with my husband and two children. We have built a Rammed Earth House and Permaculture Gardens. As a qualified Horticulturalist, I always knew there was a better way to go about my daily life and Permaculture has complemented my skills and given me a framework to operate within. It gives you the overarching principles and you go on to learn the specific techniques as you go to guide you along your permaculture journey.

Join us for a Permaculture Design Course


For more information on our November 19 – December 1, 2016 upcoming course click here

Happy abundant living!

Megan Cooke

Permaculture Teacher & Chief Veggie Grower!

Garden to Table Permaculture

Pacific Palms, NSW, Australia